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No matter if you are feeling...

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  • fatigued

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Excited, enthusiastic, and eager to learn all about intermittent fasting and PURE immune-boosting cooking ...

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  • * You want to fortify your immune system and jumpstart your metabolism to get rid of sludgy weight that might have accumulated over the winter and due to stress.

  • * You want to BE PROACTIVE & learn to use food as medicine, especially for prevention for the coronavirus and/or to help with recovery if perhaps you get it

  • * You want support and accountability to stop sugar and food addiction and shift over from eating to soothe to eating to nourish and build up immune health

  • * You want to learn some new immune-boosting PURE Healthy Way recipes you can implement right away



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Are You Ready To:

  • Transform your relationship and results with food forever from poor habits, toxic eating or sugar addiction over to getting SET FREE 

  • Learn to LOVE the body you have so you can have the body you LOVE

  • Get breakthrough results for Slow To Go, Stuck Or Unwanted Belly Weight

  • Learn specific strategies for Auto-Immune Issues

  • Implement cooking to help reduce inflammation

  • Learn to use food as medicine and especially what to eat to build up gut and immune health

  • Learn to use food/fasting specifically to Balance hormones and blood sugar properly

  • Do intermittent fasting properly along with PURE eating as an ongoing PURE Healthy Lifestyle


 I bring a wealth of delicious wellness and weight loss expertise to the table!


Quick blurb about me...


For over 2 decades I am a:



  • two-time healthy lifestyle and cookbook author (my first book was published by Young Living Essential Oils) 

  •  PURE healthy chef featuring raw, vegan and paleo recipes

  • workshop leader and speaker  

  • nutrition and intermittent fasting educator

  •  intermittent fasting and  healthy lifestyle master coach



You Are In The Right Place If You Say Yes To Any Of The Below.


  • I want to get set free from addictive or toxic eating 

  • I feel stuck and have slow to go weight  

  • I want to boost my immune system

  • I love to cook healthy (or want to learn how)

  • I am passionate about learning about nutrition and want to make this my ongoing healthy lifestyle 

  • I have auto-immune issues and need help with my diet

  • I have had cancer and need help learning to eat healthy and for prevention.

  • I am post menopause!!!

  • I am eager to get coaching help for my immune health, wellness and/or weight loss issues


  • I am not sure what is the best approach for me. Can we have a chat before I commit to anything?



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