International Author, PURE & Anti-Inflammation Chef,

Nutrition Educator & PURE Healthy Way Intermittent Fasting Coach


Lover of all things PURE, Organic, Beautiful, Healthy & Delicious...

I see food and nature as art and I play with both using my mechanical eye (camera) to capture the essence &  joy.

"I am passionate about coaching women how to use intermittent fasting properly along with anti-inflammation, immune boosting delicious cooking to get set free...
I teach women how to transform toxic and addictive eating over to achieving breakthrough results, going from frustrated and frumpy, sick and sleepy over to enthusiastic, empowered and making enlightened choices that easily become habits for lifetime sustainable health and weight loss success. Graduates naturally choose to make this an ongoing PURE Healthy Way LIfestyle."

To all who have contributed & supported to my work, I am most grateful. If you want to contribute financially so that I may keep doing this work that I love, I have set up a PayPal account for that purpose or my PO Box address is 215, Jacksonville, Oregon 97530