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Helping you learn to transform unconscious and poor eating habits and regain peace and joy in your body mind and kitchen

By using food as medicine to cook deliciously PURE to cleanse, nourish and heal.

Sugar, Comfort, & Over Eaters Can Quickly Regain Control,  Get Unstuck, & Lose Stubborn Weight

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Sauce Is The Spice Of Life

With the right sauce or salad dressing, I am way more inspired to eat the veggies. How about you?

There Is Only One Problem...

If you feel tired and disgusted with how you are feeling in your body...

Grab 9 Of My Best PURE & Simple Sauce
Recipes (From My New Book)
& Find Out Why & How To Leave Out The Oil

Download Your Copy Now
& Taste How Good It Feels!

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Are You Looking For A Trusted Professional Wellness & Weight Loss Coach?

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If you are thinking about stopping your addictive and toxic relationship with food and wanting to transform your daily habits, the first place to start is by cleaning out your fridge and pantry. Get rid of the foods that harm you. Good prep is the key to success on The PURE & Simple Plan. Inside your download book and self-paced course, you have a complete Planning Stack that will guide you every step of the way.


If you come up against any challenges, need guidance on how to do intermittent fasting, or have recipe or food substitution questions all you have to do is post them on the group coaching wall. During the 21-day Group Coaching Cleanse, I will be walking with you each and every day helping you to meet any challenges and guiding you on how to refine your plan to meet your personal strategy goals and intentions.


Once the Group Coaching
is over, I have your back. The PURE & Simple Plan is a complete, comprehensive program that shows you how to keep the momentum going as a PURE Healthy Way lifestyle. You will continue to have access to the Self-Paced course anytime you want to refer back to the 23 videos or course material. As a member and graduate you will be given discounts to keep coming back at affordable rates to repeat Group Coaching whenever you want support and accountability and to continue learning.

Your Plant-Based, Resistant Starch Love Your Liver Cleanse
For Maximum Wellness & Weight Loss


Hi I'm Robyn...

Wellness & Weight Loss Coach, Nutrition Educator, PURE Chef, 3 Time Cookbook Author

After many years of running group reboots, coaching cleanses and wellness and weight loss programs, I have created a new format to accommodate a wide range of needs. Some of you have never done group coaching, a liver cleanse, plant-based eating or intermittent fasting before, while others are quite advanced. No matter what level you are at, I am here to support you in your wellness and weight loss journey.

I began writing my first cookbook, RawSome Recipes, 25 years ago. It is almost 10 years since my husband, Geoff and I, wrote PURE 5:2 Transformation in 21 Days. It is fun to reflect on all I have learned over the years about diet and how to make PURE food, deliciously, nutritious and health-promoting.


As I age, I find that my concerns are much like they have been all along.  I focus on using PURE ingredients to create yummy recipes for maximum weight loss, to build up gut and immune health,  reduce inflammation and improve insulin resistance. The more I learn, the more refined my recipes and programs have become.

For decades I yo-yo'd on the scale and could never find my "happy weight." I had awful blood sugar crashes and terrible brain fog. But when I learned to LOVE MY LIVER & the value of learning how to make specific food for cleansing and restoration...  EVERYTHING CHANGED.


I stopped snacking and craving toxic food, I no longer struggled with exhaustion, I no longer needed a mid-afternoon nap or a pick-me-up snack, I no longer craved sugar or used food to soothe instead of eating to nourish.

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Celebrating 26 Years Of Coaching Experience...

What I Specialize In..

Reset Your Poor Eating Habits

Stop Cravings

Sugar & Food Addiction

Intermittent Fasting

Using Plant-Based & Resistant Starch Food As Medicine To Create Deliciously Nutritious, Cleansing & Healing Recipes

 Transforming  Slow To Go Or Stuck Weight, Pain From Inflammation, Auto-Immune Issues, & Balancing Hormones & Blood Sugar With PURE  Food

 Online Self-Paced Courses  & 21 Day

Group Coaching


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Your liver is your fat-burning furnace and is essential for fat metabolism. 


Diet and exercise will not help belly fat if you have an overworked liver.


The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to eat specific foods as medicine, that target your liver's ability to rest, repair, and enhance your liver's ability to burn fat.


Even if you count every calorie and workout daily, if your liver is overworked you will remain with a handicap.


The  PURE & Simple Plan accelerates your body's ability to cleanse and re-ignites your liver furnace to burn fat quickly and efficiently.


The additives, preservatives, pesticides, and dyes in foods you eat could be making you feel foggy-headed, tired, and old. Restoring liver health is life-changing. Everything you eat and drink is processed by your liver. When your liver is healthy it produces bile.


Bile breaks down the fat. 


When your liver is functioning properly you burn off the fat much quicker. When you have an overworked liver your whole metabolic functioning gets out of balance making it difficult to burn off anything. 


One of the main symptoms of an overworked liver is a big belly. Headaches, poor digestion, and blood sugar concerns are all symptoms that could be red flag warnings that you need to support your liver now.


Age-related inflammation weakens the liver.

Your digestive system needs to work smoothly for your liver to work correctly. So many factors hinge on good health. Good bile production helps to break down the fat you eat. Without enough bile, the fat piles up on your belly.


Good bile flow is essential for good detoxification. 


Bile helps carry toxins out of your liver to help your body get rid of them. And that’s why I created the 21-Day PURE & Simple Plan, so you have enough time to properly do the program thoroughly and learn specifically how to use food as medicine to assist in getting the sludgy bile to move and the toxins to be removed.


Your liver is the only organ in the body that can completely regenerate itself.

Your liver needs time to rest in order to regenerate.

Doing The PURE & Simple Plan Self-Paced Love Your Liver Course & PURE 10 Cleanse or The 21-Day Group Coaching Cleanse*  are great options for you to practice self-care and nourishing yourself well.​​

*Doing the 21-day Plan can help restore your liver to a healthy state, so your weight is optimal and you have the “all day” energy and vitality that elicits confidence and accomplishment.

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The Journey Towards Wellness & Weight Loss Begins on the Path of Self Care. Begin Your Journey Today Eating PURE & Taste How Good It Feels To Nourish Yourself Well.

Let me reassure you ...

Let me inspire you  ...

Those with slow-to-go or stuck weight or sporting a muffin top of unwanted spill-over belly fat desperately need to know that it is totally possible, (even post-menopause, or when you are in your 50's, 60's, or 70's) to lose stubborn weight and find peace in your body, mind and kitchen.

Consider the possibility of internal changes that transform your relationship and results with food so that you can enjoy an ongoing PURE Healthy Way lifestyle of choosing and preferring delicous plant-based eating to nourish, heal and melt weight instead of eating unhealthy and toxic food to soothe.

We are in this together...


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The PURE & Simple Plan can be done self-paced, on your own, at your convenience, or it can be done as a Group Coaching Cleanse, or all of the above. It is a comprehensive program designed to be flexible with your unique schedule and needs and includes: 

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Nutrition Education

PURE Plant-Based Cooking

Love Your Liver Cleanse

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Why Resistant Starch?

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In order for the body to let go of unwanted weight, two things are necessary: 

1. balanced blood sugar 

2. a cleansed and restored liver.

The PURE & Simple Plan creates breakthroughs with plateaus and stuck weight. 

Resistant Starches Create Unique Weight Loss & Health Benefits

Complex carbs break down into sugars. When we eat fats together with carbs we have fats with sugars. This combination creates insulin resistance. Fats prevent sugars from properly attaching to insulin in order to enter cells and provide energy.


Fat gets in the way, absorbing some of the insulin and blocking the sugars from binding to the insulin. In reaction, more insulin is produced, taxing the pancreas while the fat clogs up the liver. The result can be blood sugar instability (insulin resistance, prediabetes, and eventually may lead to diabetes).


We want to avoid grains with fats. Pizza with cheese, pasta with high-fat sauces, bread with butter. You get the idea! Another issue with fats and carbs can be unhealthy cholesterol levels.


Carbohydrates are nutrients that provide energy or fuel for your body in the form of glucose (a sugar molecule).


Carbohydrates are grouped into categories of sugars, starches, and fibers. They are also known as simple or complex. Complex carbohydrates take longer to digest and provide a more stable and sustainable source of energy than simple carbohydrates.


Unique from other types of carbs, resistant starches  (subtype of starches) can’t be broken down by your body into energy. Instead, healthy gut bacteria in your intestines, feed on them. This creates unique weight loss and health benefits.

For those who have been eating lots of carbs/sugars with fats,  GMO, non-organic, drinking alcohol regularly and exposed to lots of toxins, you might find you need to take a deeper dive in order to get the weight loss results you want to achieve.

Who Is This Plan For?


  • Those who follow Starch Solution / Dr. McDougall 

  • Cleanse To Heal / Anthony William compatible

  • Low fat / high complex carb/ resistant starch eaters

  • Plant-Based lovers & wannabes

  • Vegans

  •  Love Your Liver Cleanse Members wanting to continue onward

  • If you have arthritis and/or need to eat an anti-inflammation diet

  • If you have high cholesterol

  • If you want to build up immune health

  • Especially helpful for women with unwanted belly fat or post-menopausal weight gain issues

  • If you have slow to go or stuck weight

  • Those looking to reverse brain fog and seeking more energy and mental clarity

  • This plan is also for those who want an affordable program that will show you how to shop, chop, and prep healthy food to be able to stay on track with a sustainable lifestyle plan

It All Starts With Your Mindset & Realizing You 
Have A Choice To Take The Next Step To Be Proactive About Your Wellness & Weight Loss

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Woman at Work

Understand why you are doing what you are doing.
Creating a body/mind awareness along with a mindset that is about choice, makes a huge difference.

Regain confidence & control of your choices and how that affects your wellness and life.

Become a member of a community of like-minded women who want to age gracefully well making this an ongoing PURE HealthyWay Lifestyle.

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Options For How To Get Started With The PURE & Simple Plan

Click each button for more details and to purchase


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Normally $249

Show me how

Need help figuring out what is the best plan for you?

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Personal Strategy Call

The purpose of this 30-minute, no pressure, no obligation call is so I can get to know you and assess your challenges and goals, to see if we are a good fit for coaching or my online self-paced courses, and for you to ask any questions you may have.

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