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I specialize in intuitive, God-centered, "soul talks", creative and healthy lifestyle coaching 

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  • Healing & self-care after divorce 

  • Healthy dating

  • Support to get unstuck 

  • Feedback, insight and support for mastering whatever is challenging you currently

  • Life skills and tools for intermittent fasting and anti-inflammation eating for wellness and weight loss

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Do you have a dream you aren’t sure how to achieve or a challenge you don’t want to tackle alone? Are you ready to discover how to transform old limiting beliefs and get unstuck and set free ?

I can help you turn obstacles into opportunities and coach you step by step how to create the free and expansive life you truly want to live!

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Dee Dee, Medford, Oregon

I came to Robyn because I was stuck and paralyzed with years of unhealthy habits and I could not move forward in my life. With Robyn's counseling and coaching and God's help I am learning new and healthier habits to do things God's way.  I am finding the hope that I had lost, which is giving me the strength and healing to go forward and embrace what God has for me.

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This raw and real life story is my out of the box, (faith-based) version of Eat Pray Love. If you liked that, chances are you will enjoy The Weaving.
No matter where you find yourself (whether you are currently living in an unhealthy marriage, post divorce or happily remarried)…The pain of living in a toxic relationship is real and the affects are far reaching.

It is my hope that my story will assure you, that you are not alone, validate your experience, encourage you to press in and inspire you in your personal faith.
The Weaving took ten years to come to completion. I am coming out of my writer’s closet excited to share the secrets of my recovery and discovery about my big, fat, spiritual wake-up, pre and post divorce… Despite my messy life and poor choices, I was led one-step-at-a-time from bonding to abusive and deceptive love, to finding healthy, deep, soul nourishing marriage (in my mid fifties). In order to find healthy love I had to first become healthy.

As soon as I finished writing The Weaving, woman from all over instantly began sharing it. I cherish the emails that women write me to tell me how much they can relate to and learn from my story:

What Reader’s Are Saying

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"As soon as I began to read I felt immediately this book is anointed, which is all the opinion needed really. It really is readable and very descriptive of very deep emotions. I got lost in your story. I identify with your struggles completely. Your writing has really comforted and encouraged me." Wendy Cunliffe, Cumbria, UK


"FANTASTIC! It has been PURE joy for me to read, absorb your story, and learn. The story itself is a healing instrument, allowing one the insights to use for awareness, leading to growth.
Congratulations this is truly beautiful, Robyn. I love your finishing advice and statements. Superb, excellent! Pretty darn effective right here and now! Blessings."

Alana, CNC, CCT, Costa Rica


"Love the book and the (Holy) spirit behind it to give hope to women who go through the same things you have been going through and there are many ! I do a lot of counseling to women in my work as a midwife and this is a much needed book. Things aren’t always pretty in this world, but God is always here for us. He sees and cares for every teardrop Psalm 56:8. God bless you." Veronica Wagner, midwife, Florida


I believe it is one of the best books of our time. Excellent writing – you are a true wordsmith. Very relatable on so many levels. It helped me sort out a lot of my life’s choices and memories. A MUST READ." Bonnie Gwathmey, Virgina


Do you need help writing an online dating profile that will act as a screening device for safe online dating and draw to you a mate that mirrors your values? Are you frustrated with the tedious online dating process and want to learn ways to short cut the process? Are you unsure about how to create a profile that reflects your core essence? This book will give you an invaluable blueprint for how to confidently write an irresistible profile that can yield life-changing results.

You can't heal something if you are maki

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