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The Royal Flush Anti-Inflammation Cleanse & Metabolism Reboot


The Rest & Regenerate Liver Cleanse Reboot & Ongoing Pure Healthy Way Lifestyle Program


The RawSome 

Immune Boosting Reboot

The PURE Healthy Way Membership Mastery Program includes three online intermittent fasting with PURE cooking for wellness and weight loss reboots hosted on a private member's only website/forum.


All of The PURE Healthy Way online coaching Reboots can be done on their own or done back to back, which will give you a very comprehensive 35 day immersion program. 


No hurry... Work at your own pace and move forward as you feel ready or according to your desired intention and outcome. 


As you work through the Reboots and do them in the recommended order the momentum builds, the information accumulates, your experience is broadened and deepened and a new PURE Healthy ongoing lifestyle is naturally integrated and thriving.


You can repeat all the Reboots as many times as you like and keep returning to them as part of your ongoing PURE Healthy Lifestyle.


Practising intermittent fasting with PURE eating is not something you master and then move on. It is not a diet but rather an evolving way of being. It is an ongoing delicious learning, refining and fine-tuning process that you can keep coming back to for additional support, education and inspiration to age gracefully well.


And the best part is, although you work self-paced you are never alone. I am just a click away when you need coaching support and you also have the benefit of being a member of a lovely supportive PURE Healthy Way community.



NOTE: Intermittent Fasting (IF) is not right for everyone. Check with your doctor or health care provider first before doing this or any new program. IF is not advised when pregnant, diabetic, or if you have an eating disorder. 

Pure Healthy Way offers a membership online comprehensive self-paced home study program that includes personal coaching and accountability at affordable pricing. 


The Pure Healthy Way Membership Mastery Program teaches you step-by-step how to do intermittent fasting properly along with how to cook with specific immune-boosting PURE food to transform addictive, unconscious & toxic eating into wellness and weight loss breakthrough results. 


This program is especially for YOU if you:

  • are serious about learning to implement an ongoing PURE Healthy Way lifestyle 

  • have slow to go or stuck weight

  • have inflammation

  • have auto-immune health issues

  • want to learn to build up your immune system with PURE cooking

  • love to cook healthy or want to learn how

The Purpose Of The Royal Flush Anti-Inflammation Cleanse & Metabolism Reboot Is To: 

  • begin the process of reversing insulin resistance

  • stop food and sugar addiction

  • build up good gut bacteria

  • balance the hormones ghrelin and leptin

  • learn how to use specific foods for specific outcomes like decreasing inflammation and balancing blood sugar, etc.

  • begin the process of switching over from burning carbs for fuel over to burning fat for fuel

  • initiate phase 1 of natural cleansing of the liver

  • jump-start the metabolism and weight loss

  • stop sugar and food cravings

  • establish healthy lifestyle habits

  • lay the foundation for getting to the root of slow to go or stuck weight

  • begin the process of learning to do intermittent fasting properly while pacing to keep blood sugar balanced

The Purpose Of The Rest & Regenerate Reboot Is To: 


  • unlock your body's natural ability to lose slow to go, stuck or unwanted belly weight (especially post 40 & menopause)
  • cleanse and aid in the regeneration of the liver

  • detoxify

  • increase the duration of fasting time

  • deepen your fasting experience

  • get a solid nutritional understanding of using food as medicine

  • expand your PURE cooking with over 100 PURE Healthy Way Food Freedom recipes

  • continue learning about intermittent fasting & PURE food/cooking through watching coaching, science-based and food demonstration videos 

  • create your unique Personal Strategy Plan

  • receive personal one-on-one coaching support whenever you need it, during your 21-day Rest & Regenerate Reboot directly from me via the private group Forum (hosted off of Facebook on my private website)

The Purpose Of The RawSome Immune Boosting Reboot Is To Combine Intermittent Fasting With Using Food As Medicine To Build Up Immune Health



  • Designed especially as a proactive intermittent fasting & PURE cooking practical applications course/reboot to potentially prevent coronavirus


  • Learn to use mostly RAW with SOME specific cooked foods as medicine to dramatically increase the benefits of enzymes from raw foods in relation to immune health


  • Build up good gut bacteria as this is key in immune system support


  • Pace into longer periods of fasting to give the body the opportunity to achieve enhanced autophagy  


  • Take part in the "real-time" members-only online coaching Forum for daily support, encouragement, insight and connection with other members


  • Be part of the "We are in this together " PURE Healthy Way Lifestyle movement of ongoing awareness and implementation of Intermittent Fasting with PURE Food for wellness, weight loss and ageing gracefully well


  • Continue implementing  natural methods for ongoing liver cleansing as taught and practised in The Rest & Regenerate Reboot


  • Expand and share best natural practices and resources for viral protection

What Members Are Saying...

How Self Paced  Personal Coaching Works During Your Reboot 

This is not one-on-one coaching, per se, as this is done within The PURE Healthy Way Forum (which is our virtual community classroom), in the comment section below each post. This new self-paced format means you get support without the higher cost of exclusive personal one-on-one coaching and you can work at your own pace and begin when it works for you. Just show up on The Forum and dial into the Reboot and lesson you are working on whenever you want to begin a Reboot, (24/7 at your convenience).


When you need my coaching support or have questions, simply post in the comment section of the day you are on, and I will usually get back to you within 24 hours. (Please NOTE: For this type of coaching support please remember you are part of a group and do not private message or text me and please give me 24 hours to respond.

This is more like group coaching/learning, as you will learn a lot from other people's questions and comments. 
































NOTE: I only take on a limited number of new members per month. Enrollment is open now at a special reduced price for a limited time.


This type of learning is invaluable and can be done all in the comfort of your own home (wearing your jammies if you want), or wherever you are worldwide as long as you have access to the internet.


Coaching support is offered in the comment sections at the bottom of the lessons on the Forum (not via privately emailing me).


Sometimes group coaching might be done on The Pure Healthy Way Members private Facebook group wall.  This way everyone can benefit from the coaching as your questions are likely questions others have as well.  

What Members Are Saying...

Intermittent Fasting + PURE Cooking For Wellness & Weight Loss = Transformation

"I love watching members quickly turn things around, step away from the obsessive snacking and love affair with chocolate, switch out their "hide-my-belly and hips" outfits and reach for their "skinnier" jeans."

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I believe so strongly in The Pure Healthy Way Membership Mastery Program and ongoing benefits with the potential it has to transform your wellness and weight loss concerns, that I AM TAKING ALL OF THE RISK. 


Look through the entire course, complete one week of The Royal Flush Reboot as outlined in the Daily Regime Overview, and if after 14 days of purchase, you are not completely satisfied, email me and I will refund all of your money. No hassles, no hard feelings. That's my promise.

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  • The RawSome Reboot

  • Coaching & Food Demo Videos

  • Over 100 PURE Healthy Way Exclusive Reboot Recipes

  • Meal Planning Guides

  • Private Members Forum

  • Private Facebook Group

  • Personal Coaching Support

  • Ongoing Updates & New Recipes

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