Cleansing To Heal The Nourishment Barrier

Updated: 5 days ago

As a cleanse, health and wellness coach, along with my 40+ years as a mind/body practitioner & massage therapist, I notice the multiple levels of toxicity that people often bring to the table during a 10 day cleanse.

Yes there is the obvious unloading of the sugar, caffeine, alcohol junk and the fallout from taxing the liver. What I am talking about here is a cleansing of the soul.

A ten day cleanse, when done with mindfulness, can bring many things to the surface. Old afflictions can get stirred up ... Viruses might surface (like herpes) migraines, old aches and pains, or areas of inflammation could flare up as your body begins the healing process.

On the emotional level, old thinking, old beliefs about yourself and old emotional grief can also surface. And this, believe it or not, is a good thing.

The PURE 10 cleanse is a challenge on multiple levels. No dairy, no caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, blah, blah, blah. But the big challenge is saying YES to giving yourself the opportunity to actually heal and thrive.

Making time for yourself to grow and heal emotionally, spiritually and physically is often bypassed for the quick sugar or comfort food fix. Often we are too distracted, or simply not good at nourishing ourselves, and that is why we show up here in bodies that we feel really out of sorts with.

Welcome...You are in the perfect place. You are not alone!

PURE 10 gives you the opportunity to provide nourishment to those deeper ailments... The ailment of the heart and soul.

Cleansing the body is an opportunity to cleanse the pain. The pain can manifest through inflammation or can manifest through tears from the window of your soul.

So much of the toxic eating comes from boredom, a sense of emptiness, a need to fill the void or as a way to numb feelings. It's been a stressful time for all of us with the whole state of what is going on world wide. Fears, isolation, the threat of illness, family distancing, etc all contribute to abusing our selves with too much toxic eating or even too rigid eating habits. Cleanses help us to reset and find balance.

Addictive eating is naturally paired with unconsciousness. When you consciously choose to nourish yourself well, you step into the possibility of achieving so much more than you can even imagine.

When you choose to do a 10 day cleanse you obviously are here for a reason. Something has gotten out of hand. Showing up and saying: "YES... I am committing to this," is the first step of you choosing to be conscious about taking responsibility to provide nourishment for yourself. You are saying no more barriers between me and nourishment. No more using food to soothe. You are taking the action step to consciously reset and reboot your thinking, your approach and your actions. It all comes down to choosing.

For those incorporating fasting, prayer, journaling, mindfulness... it is likely you will discover a lot about what the barriers are that have been blocking you.

The barriers and the blocks translate into slow to go or stuck weight, pain, inflammation, poor immune health.

Using food to soothe has grave consequences. Using food as medicine is powerful and can have immense restorative value. It almost doesn't matter how or why you got here, but what matters is what are you choosing to do about it?

The most powerful thing, in my opinion, is prayer. This is what I did when they told me six months ago, I might not be walking now. I went to prayer... And this program is what got birthed.

Today I woke up 100% pain free for the fourth day in a row. It really is a miracle! I have no hip socket and the bone has died and collapsed at the top of my femur. I walked up and down my stairs yesterday chasing the cat!!!

The next best thing in the healing process is showing up for yourself. No one else can DO what it takes to nourish yourself well, other than you.

Consciously choosing to commit to do this 10 day cleanse, not half way, or maybe or sort of... But you showing up for yourself and letting life organize around that, instead of you organizing your life around accommodating everyone and everything else.

Every time you put the effort out to learn, shop, chop, and eat and drink PURE, you nourish your body, mind, and soul. This combination produces life changing results.

The PURE 10 cleanse is a challenge on multiple levels. It is not for everyone and not everyone is mentally, physically or spiritually ready for it.

The good news is, if you are ready to love how you feel in your body again... If you love the feeling of waking up full of energy, with a clear mind and no foggy brain, and you want to thrive with vitality... then you are in the right place.

Yes it takes effort. However, I am here to tell you the effort is worth it to feel this amazing.