Day 4 - Raw Vegan Vs. Cooked

Today's lesson is multi-layered... literally!!!

We are all at different places and stages with our eating PURE evolution...Not to mention what foods are currently available to us.

The main point of this challenge is to encourage you to shift from eating to soothe, over to eating to nourish.

For some, that means consciously choosing to build up immune health and taking baby steps to let go of life long habits, patterns and addictions.

For others, time is of the essence and eating PURE feels like the most important immediate step to be proactive in preserving life.

As we age it becomes more and more of a priority to guard our health and bolster our immune system.

For those with pre-exisiting conditions and auto-immune issues the choice to eat PURE is paramount.

My intention in today's lesson is to share options and to look at what are the most nutrient dense and enzyme-rich choices. You decide what makes the most sense for your overall balance and level of immune support needed.

I will begin with showing you a good way to upgrade a comfort recipe. Sometimes part of staying balanced is giving ourselves permission to have that piece of chocolate, eat that popcorn or have that cheesy enchilada. I will show you how to take these foods and make "healthier versions," as this is a request posed by a member, that I am more than happy to address.

It is not realistic, in times and cirucumstances such as these, to think that we would 100% of the time eat all raw, all PURE or all organic.

My hope instead, is to encourage you to choose a PURE Healthy Way lifestyle that is the foundation of your daily personal immune boosting plan with room to consciously choose. It is all about making wise choices to ultimately build up your immune system, not tear it down.

Being in a coaching group gives you the opprotunity to keep learning practical skills and tools along with strengthening the body/mind understanding which naturally propels us to make conscious choices.

When you take the time to learn about using food as medicine, and then put what you learn into practice... Actually going throught the steps to do intermittent fasting properly along with shopping, chopping and preparing nourishing food, you are choosing life, vitality, self preservation.

It is HUGE that you are here reading this and following along.

It says a lot about you, what you value and what you hope for.

It is not always easy to stay on track.

However, being connected with others who have this same intention is a life line of sorts.

It is a way to stay focused and accountable and brings us all into the possibility of being more conscious and aware of the choices we are making and the impact that has on our longevity and quality of life.

Have I told you how grateful I am that you are here?

Now watch the video below for how to make Raw Tacos!

Add in fresh cilantro and a raw garlic clove for added immune boosting.

I like Muir Glen Garlic Cilantro Salsa for this

Assemble your tacos any creative way you want using any fresh RAW ingredients you want. On the plate below I have macro sprouts, grated watermelon radish, avocado and shredded purple cabbage. I also use Trader Joes Pico De Gallo Fresh Salsa to to things off.

Oh and have you noticed... I just can't help it... I am using this Chili Onion Crunch on EVERYTHING! Even on chocolate!!!! Stay tuned for tomorrows lesson where you will see me use it on the chocolate treat I have for you!!!! You don't want to miss it!!!!


1. Read this article about intermittent fasting and immune boosting

2. Post pictures on the FB group of the PURE foods you are making

3. Write down any questions you have that you want to ask before this challenge ends tomorrow.

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