Do You Have Diet Abuse Thinking?


Let me define what I term as "diet abuse thinking."

Any thoughts that are either compelling or obsessive that result in feeling enslaved to:

  • how, when and why to eat

  • guilty about what you did or did not eat

  • tendencies towards rigidity towards your daily relationship with food (in regards to how & why you nourish yourself)

  • plans and choices made with the sole intention of losing weight despite whether the method is actually nutritionally good for your body (even if you compromise your well-being like fasting even when your blood sugar balance is at risk, for example)

  • obsessively weighing yourself

  • assessing achievement by only being focused on how many calories consumed or how many inches or pounds you have lost

  • thinking about "cheating"

  • feeling a nag inside to "start the diet" but resisting by overeating

  • fighting with urges to resist temptation and then blowing off all resistance and going overboard stuffing yourself with the very thing you are trying to have "willpower" against

  • thinking you should have "willpower" to conquer all of this

For many, diet abuse thinking looks at food for calorie content rather than nutritional benefit. Diet abuse thinking says I will pig out today because tomorrow I start yet another "diet." Diet abuse thinking says I will eat this chocolate to reward myself and have celery sticks and water as the antidote.

Diet abuse thinking looks at eating as a way to reward oneself and starving as the punishment for getting out of control.

Diet abuse thinking leads to thoughts about cheating, sneaking or hoarding food. It leaves you feeling guilty and ashamed rather than set free. Diet abuse thinking is all or nothing, on or off a diet. Balance is not in the scope of possibilities for diet abuse thinking.

Diet abuse thinking feels deprived when out to dinner with friends "who get to have dessert," rather than claiming the freedom that comes from choosing not to have dessert.

Did you catch that last sentence? Therein lies the cure. It is all about shifting your thinking. It's ALL ABOUT CHOICE...

What Do You Believe?????

At the beginning of any group cleanse I always ask each person to write an intention statement. I always coach you to start it out with: "I intend to create the possibility of..." Being open to a new possibility opens the way to believing and then experiencing a whole new way of being and with that comes new outcomes.

What if instead of thinking and believing you were "good" when you stick to a diet and "bad" when you don't, you shifted that over to believing that you are choosing to eat a certain way or not.

Or what possibility would open up for you if you looked at the menu and what your friends are ordering/eating and really believe that you are choosing. They are too. What if you choose to nourish yourself???? What if you are in control of what you choose and you are responsible for your own choices?

Homework assignment: Start listening to your self-talk about your relationship with food and choose to think about it from the perspective of choice.

Report back on the group wall and tell us how that is shifting?

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