Go Lean On The Cannellini

Updated: Apr 30

Be sure to scroll down for the recipes. But first, a word from our sponsor... The one, the only, the best bean... The Cannellini!!!

Garlic Bean Butter Cannellini Cold & Flu Immune Boosting Stew


When I create recipes for my online cleanse programs (like PURE 10), I cherry-pick the ingredients not so much for their flavor or taste, but for the difference they can make in our health.

Top on my list, I am on the hunt for food containing high amounts of antioxidants, phytonurtrients, & prebiotics (to feed the good gut bacteria) as well as foods that decrease inflammation and boost immune health.

In my opinion, when it comes to beans, cannellini are the best of the best. I love their nutritional profile and as a PURE chef, I love what you can do with them.

Packed with minerals and antioxidants, loaded with fiber, and highly filling, cannellini beans are a plant based eaters delightful meat replacement! They are popular in the wanna be weight loss crowd as well.

Their mild nutty flavor and fluffy texture make them very versatile for cooking.

Cannellini Beans amazing benefits includes :

  • enhancing cardiovascular health

  • a good source of plant protein

  • combating cancer cells

  • enhancing cognitive function

  • boosting and maintaining energy

  • helps blood related disease

  • helps treat anemia

  • optimizing blood circulation

  • helps in detoxification

  • delays wrinkle appearance

  • manage cholesterol and blood sugar

  • a good source of antioxidant.

In each (1 cup) serving of cannellini beans, you get:

  • Approximately 300 calories – Compare that to red meat (650 calories) or chicken (620 calories), and you can see why beans are invited into the weight loss-friendly foods!

  • Just 1 gram of fat – Red meat, chicken, fish, and eggs all contain A LOT more fat per serving than legumes. This is a golden way to get more protein without adding too much radical fats to your diet.

  • 19 grams of protein – That’s hefty for a plant food. Admittedly not as close as the 60-90 you get with the same amount of red meat or chicken, but it’s still amazing for a plant-based food.

  • 56 grams of carbohydrates – With 13 grams of fiber per cup to compensate for the higher carb content you get a great balance of energy and fiber to slow down sugar absorption.

  • 19% of your Calcium DV – Rich in calcium which helps to support bone health.

  • 44% of your Iron DV – Iron is needed for the production of red blood cells, which transport oxygen and nutrients. By adding beans to your diet, you increase the amount of iron you consume every day. This needed element is often overlooked and under consumer.

Here is a list of some of the health benefits of these amazing cannellini beans:

Build Muscle – As with any high-protein food, beans are a good way to get more of the amino acids your body needs to build muscle. The downside of most plant-based foods is that they are incomplete proteins, meaning they don’t have all nine of the amino acids that are required for muscle-building. However, serving cannellini beans with quinoa will complete the protein.

Fill Up – One of the great things about all beans—including cannellini beans—is the fact that they swell up during cooking due to their dietary fiber. Beans are HIGHLY filling, and help to add a little more bulk to your meals. When you feel full you will feel more satiated and less likely to eat the wrong things.

Improve Digestion – The high fiber content of cannellini beans—both insoluble and soluble fiber are yet another aspect to love. The soluble fiber will soak up sugar, toxins, stomach acids, and fats, preventing them from being absorbed into your body. The insoluble fiber</