Insights & The Body Mind Awareness While Doing Intermittent Fasting

I am going to attempt to write about something that is often hard for me to put into words. It is something very precious that has to be experienced and is often times completely missed when people jump in and attempt to do intermittent fasting on their own without the type of training that is offered in The Rest & Regenerate Reboot.

It has to do with the inner work that comes from slowing down in the process of Resting & Regenerating. Intermittent fasting is the vehicle to take you to this deeper place but so much can be missed without the right guidance and/or ability to put the pieces together along the way.

Today is Day 3 of the group online Reboot. I posted an article I titled Are You Afraid To Feel Hungry and this is what one of the members posted in the comment section in response:

"Thank you for sharing this. Great perspective and very insightful. I was able to mindfully process thoughts I was having while laying in bed last night. Having this information on board helped reinforce my intention and be connected with what my body was telling me."

The Body/Mind Connection Is A Huge Part Of Your Transformation

When you have less food to digest, the mind has more it can ingest and process. A space is created for awareness to blossom and flourish. Further, once you get beyond the screaming cravings of the die off of the bad gut bacteria and hunger and blood sugar crashes are no longer a scary, shaky, hot mess... You become more freed up to be the witness of your process.

Observation combined with information can catapult you to another level of depth in this overall process. See, I told you this is hard to write about. It is something you have to experience.

In the process of Resting (intermittent fasting/autophagy) and Regenerating (feeding your body nourishing food to restore liver, gut, hormone and blood sugar balance and health) the two, consciously combined, creates a synergy of experiencial growth. So many people come into this Reboot thinking it is about losing unwanted weight and within days it becomes so much more.

I would like to hear from those of you who are doing this process right now, in your own words about the body/mind connection as you are experiencing it.

How is this way of learning different than just simply doing intermittent fasting or following a diet plan?

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