Lemon Lime Strawberry Mango Salsa!

Updated: Apr 30

This can easily be a PURE 10 recipe served on a salad (if you leave out the salt, avocado oil and the chips)!

Otherwise this is a great one for your ongoing Super Naturally PURE lifestyle!

Super fresh and delicious on tacos or a summer salad or served with Cassava and Coconut Chips.


1-2 large fresh mangos diced (or Trader Joes has frozen)

1 small red bell pepper diced small

2 T diced sweet onion

bunch of fresh cilantro, chopped fine

bunch of fresh mint chopped fine

juice of one lemon and one lime

small can of diced green chilis

handful of strawberries sliced and chopped

salt to taste


1 T avocado oil

red pepper flakes

fresh jalapeño diced small

diced avocado


Dice and chop everything. Mix in a bowl and serve. Store in fridge for up to 3 days.