Top 3 Secrets To Stop Feeling Frumpy, Fat, & Frustrated

1. Noticing & Becoming Aware (Shifting the self condemnation chatter over to self awareness) It’s been a stressful day. Well actually a stressful week. Heck this whole covid thing has been non stop stress. A girl needs a little comfort from time to time. What’s wrong with a little square or two or three of chocolate? Oops I forgot the caffeine keeps me up late enough that fir starts to grow on my teeth and these chocolate soothing late nights whip up my cortisol response. The first thing to do is to take an honest look at your inner chatter and how you convince yourself it is ok to use food to soothe. What is your rationale and what exactly are you looking for in times of stress? And then get out a piece of paper and consider the benefits of your choices vs.THE CONSEQUENCES. Ask yourself what are you choosing and why and is it worth it? Are you choosing to soothe or to nourish?

2. Love Your Liver & Give Your Body Downtime To Rest & Repair

What if the golden rule of dieting isn’t working?..To lose weight at a steady pace of about one pound of actual fat (not water weight which fluctuates wildly every day) per week, we simply reduce caloric intake by about 20%; so we multiply by 12.Therefore, a 200-pound person whose goal is 180 would calculate: 200 x 12 = 2400 cal/daily.

(Assuming the person is getting an hour of exercise daily. If the person is more sedentary, try multiplying by 12.) What if the supposed magic formula lost it’s magical because it leaves out huge missing pieces of the slow to go or stuck weight plight of most woman, especially post 50? What if those missing pieces include insulin resistance, leptin resistance and the elimination of toxic ingredients, chemicals, beliefs and people? (All of which creates stress that can result in unwanted weight). And what if all of the missing pieces can get accomplished by doing a delicious plant based liver cleanse along with intermittent fasting, where there is absolutely no counting of calories? 3. Specific Nutrition Matters & Ditching The Troublemaker Combo I know you already know that eating a healthy diet with high antioxidants found in fruits and veggies is essential and you know that you have to kick sugar to the curb. But what if you have already eliminated the obvious and have been diligent with eating cleaner and you are still stuck feeling frumpy, fat and frustrated? Do you know this HUGE SECRET? There are 2 foods that should not be combined together and most Americans eat these two foods together at most every meal. These troublemakers are the cog in the wheel causing your liver to work extra hard which produces a domino effect resulting in sludgy bile and slow to go or stuck weight.

Understanding why these two foods should never be the basis of your diet and then learning how to replace this combination with foods that not only nourish you but keep you feeling full and satisfied is one of the best kept secrets for weight loss success. Are you ready to stop yo-yo dieting and struggling piecing together a plan that takes you in diet abuse circles where you muster will power (instead of learning the skill of self control (a very different mindset)? Are you done feeling frustrated about wasting time and money only to let yourself down once again? Are you afraid nothing is going to work and scared to try yet one more time?

If you said YES... I want to invite you to take my free Mindset Matters Masterclass and you will be surprised to find out the secret behind finally getting slow to go or stuck weight to move, how to regain energy and vitality and why it is so important to give your liver a cleanse if you want weight loss to be effective and sustainable. Click here :

If you have completed Mindset Matters, then I want to invite you to take the next step and schedule a FREE Personal Strategy call. I want to hear all about your struggles and frustrations and offer you some insight and solutions from my experience being a coach for the past 25 years. This no pressure call gives you the opportunity to get feedback and a strategy that I assure you, is more comprehensive and life changing than anything you have tried so far. Imagine transforming your relationship and results with food forever!

Imagine feeling like you know exactly what to eat each day to:

  • shift from craving sugary and fatty foods to easily making healthy choices

  • feel sharper and more alert (no more brain fog!)

  • start seeing the pounds melt away and feel confident in your own skin

  • finally being active again, without chronic pain wearing you down ​ ​AND, Imagine...

  • the pounds melting off and having the confidence to fit into the clothes you love again.

  • not feeling conflicted anymore about using junk food to soothe yourself at night.

  • saying positive words of encouragement to yourself instead of self-defeating thoughts which used to derail your weight loss progress.

  • feeling confident with your hubby again because you look and feel amazing!​


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