Your Liver Is Your Fat Burning Furnace!

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Your liver is your fat burning furnace essential for fat metabolism. Diet and exercise will not help belly fat if you have an overworked liver.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to eat specific foods as medicine, that targets your livers ability to rest, repair, and enhance your livers ability to burn fat.

Even if you count every calorie and workout daily, if your liver is overworked you will remain with a handicap.

The PURE `10 cleanse LOVE YOUR LIVER Cleanse re-ignites your liver furnace to burn fat quickly and efficiently.

The additives, preservatives, pesticides, and dyes in foods you eat could be making you feel foggy headed, tired, and old. Restoring liver health is life changing. Everything you eat and drink is processed by your liver. When your liver is healthy it produces bile.

Bile breaks down the fat. When your liver is functioning properly you burn off the fat much quicker. When you have an overworked liver your whole metabolic functioning gets out of balance making it difficult to burn off anything. One of the main symptoms of an overworked liver is a big belly. Headaches, poor digestion, blood sugar concerns are all symptoms that could be red flag warnings that you need to support your liver now.

Our livers are under attack with all the thousands of man made chemicals.

Chemicals in our food, in our cookware, on our skin, in our clothing and the bedding we sleep on.

I’m not talking about doing a liver cleanse because of alcohol consumption. Even if you don’t’ drink a drop there is an invisible liver killer. Refined sugar and high fructose corn sugar is just as bad as alcohol. Sugar is attacking your liver. And sugar is hidden everywhere in plain sight.

Age related inflammation weakens the liver.

Your digestive system needs to work smoothly for your liver to work correctly.

So many factors hinge on good health. Good bile production, helps to break down the fat you eat. Without enough bile, the fat pills up on your belly.

Good bile flow is essential for good detoxification. Bile helps carry toxins out of your liver to help your body get rid of them. And that’s why I created the PURE 10 cleanse specifically to show you how to use food as medicine to assist in get the sludgy bile to move and the toxins to be removed.

The liver is the olnly organ in the body that can completely regenerate itself.

The liver needs time to rest in order to regenerate.

Doing The PURE 10 LOVE YOUR LIVER Cleanse is a fantastic way to practice self care and nourishing yourself well.

I am passionate about coaching highly motivated women to create the possibility of transforming stuck or slow to go weight, pain from inflammation or auto immune issues so they can escape feeling miserable and find peace and joy in their body, mind and kitchen.


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