Special Note To All Current PURE Healthy Way Members who have done The Royal Flush Reboot or Cleanse Nourish & Balance Courses...


These courses are not currently being offered as online group coaching courses. However, the best parts of both of these courses have been integrated into the NEW 21 Day Rest & Regenerate Reboot.


If you need access to either of these courses please just email me and I will provide you with the course material.


To thank you for being a current member and encourage you to continue on to the next level, I am offering you a one time special of 50% off.


The current price for The Rest & Regenerate Reboot (which also includes ongoing membership) is $149.


This PRE LAUNCH SPEICAL is your only opportunity to receive this Reboot and membership for just $75.


NOTE:* If you have any friends or family who you think would like to become a member please send them HERE to receive the pre launch special for $99. 

*(Only current members get it for $75).

This offer is only here for a short time.

Course Release And Memberships Begins Jan. 1, 2020.


Who Is The Rest & Regenerate Reboot For?


  • Women with slow to go, stuck or unwanted belly fat weight (especially over 50)


  • Those who want an ongoing PURE Healthy Way of living that includes a daily regime or practice for wellness and weight loss and to ease the aging process


  • People with auto-immune issues who want to learn (or continue onward), eating a PURE anti-inflammation and immune building diet


  • Cancer survivors and pre-diabetics who want to live an ongoing healthy lifestyle and those who want to be proactive in prevention.


  • Those who want to be part of a community who actively participates in periodic Reboots to get back on track, lose unwanted weight and/or stay motivated, educated and inspired to live an ongoing PURE Healthy Way lifestyle


  • If you like doing a periodic detox (ie: to start the New Year or springtime) or want to focus on cleansing your liver, then this is also the program for you


  • If you are passionate about learning to make new, creative, seasonal and delicious PURE anti-inflammation foods and want to keep learning to cook for wellness and weight loss this program is a must for you


One Time Self Paced Rest & Regenerate Membership Fee Includes:

1. Access to the private group forum which is your virtual classroom where you will get all of your lessons including 21 days of interactive posts where you can comment, ask questions and share this Reboot process with a community of R & R rebooters eager to make this their on going PURE Healthy Way Lifestyle.


2. 24/7 Access to all course material


3. Downloads for all course materials and templates including:


  • Approved Shopping List
  • Daily Regime Overview
  • Menu Planners
  • Daily Log
  • Full Color pdf cookbook as well as over 100 printable black and white recipes for The Rest & Regenerate Reboot and ongoing PURE Healthy Way Lifestyle


6. Ongoing access to all new seasonal recipe additions created exclusively for members only

7. Automatic course updates


8. Ongoing all inclusive access to The Rest & Regenerate Forum (hosted off of facebook on my private, secure website) so you can repeat the Reboot forever for free (whenever you want) and join in the 21 day, self-paced course and make comments or ask questions or share recipes with other R & R members worldwide.



Rest & Regenerate Reboot Membership

  •  Why Rest & Regenerate?

    From degenerate to regenerate, your body does an amazing job at maintaining homeostasis and wellness. However, as you age your body needs your help to press in and participate fully by fueling it with the appropriate vital ingredients. 


    Gone are the days of eating chocolate chip cookies out of the bag, whenever you want, and with no thought for tomorrow. 


    Your red blood cells need you to pay attention to providing the proper fuel (and hint… cookies are not regeneration material), so they can continue to be replaced every four months.  Your skin regenerates in 30 days and the lining of your small intestine needs to continue to renew in less than a week. Daily your body turns over 50-70 billion cells. As you age your body depends on you to be wise with your choices.

    Whether you want to:

    • lose unwanted weight (especially belly fat after 50)
    • prevent disease
    • build up your immune sytem 
    • reverse the effects of auto-immune issues
    • prevent or reverse inflammation
    • build up good gut health
    • increase energy and vitality
    • learn an ongoing PURE Healthy Lifestyle to ease the aging process
    • balance blood sugar 
    • learn to use intermittent fasting along with anti-inflammtion cooking for wellness and weight loss

    It’s up to you… It’s all about choice. The foods you choose and the lifestyle you live fuel the replacement cells. What would you prefer to create… vibrant or dysfunctional cells?

    It’s all about making wise informed choices to nourish yourself well.  If you want to ease the aging process, which by the way, is going to happen in one form or another (whether you like it or not)… This is the Reboot and ongoing membership course where you can learn exactly what to do and how to do it. 

    The quality of the replacement cells relies on the building materials available when the new cells are forming. Every time you choose to educate yourself about PURE vital foods, healthy cooking & living, you help your mind/body connection to choose wisely. 


    By learning first what to eat, and then how to cook PURE, nutrient dense, high antioxidant & anti-inflammation foods you become proactive in your ongoing health and aging process. The more your mind understands what and why, the better your body will respond. There is a direct correlation with the clients I coach who get the best results with how much they understand about the benefits they receive from each food, recipe or process they undergo while rebooting. 


    What Is The Major Roadblock To Cell Regeneration?


    In a word… INFLAMMATION!