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Are You Tired Of Wasting Time & Energy Trying To...

Lose Unwanted Weight & Maintain

An Ongoing Healthy Lifestyle 

Without Achieving The Results You Really Hoped To Get  ???​

Now You Can Receive Step-By-Step Expert Coaching & A Precise Proven Plan Of Action To Rapidly Integrate Intermittent Fasting & Deliciously Effective Anti-Inflammation Cooking For The Wellness & Weight Loss Results You Desperately Have Been Seeking.



No More Wasting Money & Time Trying To Figure Out What To Do & Trying To Piece Together A Plan. 




Finally, You Can Receive Expert Personal Coaching At An Affordable Price And Work At Your Own Pace & At Your Convenience. 




With The One Time Membership Fee You Can Make This An Ongoing Learning And Healthy Lifestyle Transformation.

Hi There... Robyn Randolph here!

Let me ask you a question… 


How many hundreds of hours have you invested into your health, wellness and weight loss intentions?



A lot, right?


And if you’re like many of the women I coach every day, it feels like all the time you’ve put in isn’t giving you the results from your invested money, time and effort. 


Each week, you feel pulled in a hundred different directions.

You WANT to be consistent and stick to a plan that is truly sustainable...


But no matter how much you want it, things just stay the same.


Another week goes by and you are not happy with how you feel in your body and perhaps you just can't get control over your sugar or food addictions.


Instead, you feel miserable and stuck and are eager to do something about it. 


And since you don’t know what you’re doing wrong, you can’t figure out how to turn it all around.


You keep hearing about all these different things you CAN do…but don’t know for sure if they will work for you.


You’ve tried so many things already…


The harder you struggle, the more defeated you feel.


It’s paralyzing.


Does Any Of The Above Sound Familiar?


Over the past 23 years, I’ve helped hundreds of women who have struggled with these feelings. I have worked with so many women who have slow to go, stuck or unwanted belly weight, women with auto-immune issues and women (especially post-menopause) who struggle with sluggish energy, brain fog, and aches and pains.


I have been that woman myself so I know exactly how all of that feels...especially the frustration.


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Author, Chef, Intermittent Fasting,
Pure Healthy Lifestyle & Weight Loss Coach
"I coach women with slow to go, stuck and unwanted belly weight (especially post-menopause), those with inflammation 0r auto-immune issues, and those who want to age gracefully well, how to get set free from toxic and addictive eating and achieve breakthrough results doing intermittent fasting properly along with using anti-inflammation foods to cook delicious restorative meals for wellness and weight loss... And how to make this an ongoing PURE Healthy Way lifestyle."

I have helped hundreds of women just like you, to transform out of control eating, unwanted weight, or aches and pains into an ongoing PURE Healthy Way Lifestyle of fasting and feasting that is deliciously sustainable and highly effective. 

Here Is What Members Are Saying:

Yes, You Can Do This


The Rest & Regenerate Immersion Membership



You are in the right place if you are:


  • a women with slow to go, stuck or unwanted belly fat weight (especially over 50) and want the support and encouragement from a seasoned wellness and weight loss coach


  • wanting an ongoing PURE Healthy Way of living that includes a daily regime or practice for wellness and weight loss to age gracefully well 


  • a course graduate or client who has worked with me before, either as a private coaching client or in The Royal Flush Reboot or Cleanse Nourish & Balance Online Courses. Although there are some aspects of those courses in The R & R Reboot, this program takes things to the next level.


  • wanting to receive a plethora of new recipes as well as benefit from being able to participate in The R & R Forum and be able to ask questions and interact. This new self-paced structure allows you to jump in and out whenever it works best in your schedule. 


  • ready to transform your sugar or food addiction... then you are definitely in the right place.


  • dealing with auto-immune issues and want to learn or continue onward, eating a PURE anti-inflammation and immune building diet


  •  a cancer survivor or pre-diabetic and you want to be proactive about restoring your health


  • taking or have taken antibiotics or fungicides in the past year and need to regenerate your gut health   


  • wanting to be part of a community who actively participates in periodic cleanses/Reboots to get back on track, boost immune health, decrease inflammation, improve gut health, balance blood sugar, lose unwanted weight and/or stay motivated, educated and inspired to live an ongoing PURE Healthy Way lifestyle (including a forum where you can make comments, share recipes and ask questions and get direct answers from me)


  • wanting to do a detox in the New Year or perhaps springtime or want to focus on cleansing & regenerating your liver... then this is also the program for you


  • a lover of all things organic including being creative in the kitchen and want to keep learning more about how to cook PURE? Or perhaps you are gifted in creative healthy cooking and want to share that with others. The R & R Forum is the perfect place to get inspired and be inspiring.





NOTE: Intermittent Fasting (IF) is not right for everyone. Check with your doctor or health care provider first before doing this or any new program. IF is not advised when pregnant, diabetic, or if you have an eating disorder.  

 Here's What You Receive As A

Rest & Regenerate Member:

The Rest & Regenerate (R & R) Intermittent Fasting &

Anti-Inflammation Cooking For Wellness & Weight Loss

One Time Immersion Membership Fee Includes:

                   ($997 Value) 

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  • A comprehensive study course about a PURE Healthy Way to cook for wellness and weight loss using specific anti-inflammation and liver regenerating foods


  • An experiential training teaching how to do intermittent fasting (IF) properly to keep blood sugar and hormones balanced and make IF a daily ongoing lifestyle for wellness and weight loss


  • 21-day self-paced online Reboot that can be repeated forever for free


  • A private, members-only forum to share recipes, your own experience and wisdom.  This is your ongoing PURE Healthy Way private community hosted off of facebook on my private secure website.


  • The forum is also your opportunity to ask any questions related to the Rest & Regenerate 21 Day Reboot and get helpful coaching support when you are going through the Reboot. 


Bonus Additions Included In The One-Time Membership Fee :


  • Ongoing NEW seasonal PURE Healthy Way recipes that are designed to be compatible with the foundational principles of The R & R Reboot

       access to all NEW and updated lessons and articles related to                                           The Rest & Regenerate Reboot, Intermittent Fasting & Anti-Inflammation Cooking           For Wellness & Weight Loss.


  • The Royal Flush 7 Day Anti-Inflammation Cleanse & Metabolism Reboot - is included for those who are new to intermittent fasting, those who have slow to go weight and those who want to jump-start weight loss. This 7 Day Royal Flush Reboot lays the perfect foundation and can be done on its own or as a precursor to the 21 Day Rest & Regenerate Reboot





















Below is a recent screenshot from a member off of the private Rest & Regenerate 21 Day group wall after only day 6 (with permission from her for me to share this with you).






























































How Personal Coaching Works During Your 21 Day Reboot


This is not one-on-one coaching, per se, as this is done within The R & R Forum (which is our virtual community classroom), in the comment section below each post. This new self-paced format means you get support without the higher cost of personal coaching and you can work at your own pace and begin when it works for you. Just show up on The R & R Forum whenever you want to begin another 21-day Reboot, (24/7 at your convenience), post your questions in the comment section of the day you are on, and I will usually get back to you within 24 hours. (Please NOTE: This type of coaching support is offered to you when you are doing the Reboot, not any time you have a random question).


This is more like group coaching/learning, as you will learn a lot from other people's questions and comments. 


NOTE: I only take on a limited number of new members per month. Enrollment is open now for a limited time.


This type of learning is invaluable and can be done all in the comfort of your own home (wearing your jammies if you want), or wherever you are worldwide as long as you have access to the internet.  

Over 100 Course Recipes with more being added ongoing (gluten & dairy free, with vegan, keto and paleo options)

Course Materials/Planning Stack PDF Downloads

Click The Slides Below To Have A Look At Screen Shots From Inside The Course

  •  over 100 recipes with color photos

  •  teaching videos to accompany many of the lessons

  •  food demonstration videos 

  •  easy to use menu to access recipes and daily lessons

  •  comment sections for members to post questions that notify me immediately so I can respond quickly

  • private off of facebook virtual classroom/forum

See Below:

Gallery Of Seasonal Photos & Rest & Regenerate Recipes Included In Your Program


"I get my inspiration and creativity from the organic beauty and food surrounding me." Robyn


I have over 2 decades of experience being a PURE Healthy Chef; workshop leader, author of intermittent fasting and healthy cooking books; & teaching women all across the USA & UK, (both in live workshops and seminars as well as online), how to break free from toxic eating and unwanted stuck weight.  












































Unlike doing an impersonal weight loss program from a big corporation that hires "coaches," to "support you in your process..." or programs that sound good because of expensive marketing adds, you can hear directly from members as every quote comes from their personal experience.






I don't have the marketing budget of Noom or Weight Watchers or other known brands... However, I have the real-life results and testimonies from women (especially post menopause) who have struggled with slow to go, stuck and unwanted belly weight and have succeeded when nothing else worked! 


When you do The Rest & Regenerate Reboot and need help you work directly with me for coaching support. Not hired help. I work with you as an individual, based on your needs and intentions.

It is my passion and delight to show you how to use intermittent fasting along with delicious anti-inflammation cooking, as an ongoing sustainable healthy lifestyle, to feel great again in your body, weight and aging process.


Dixie lost 60 pounds and turned around her pre-diabetes. Click below to hear what she has to say about her ongoing Pure Healthy Way lifestyle. 

IF you...


  • long to get set free from old ways of being that sabotage your health and weight loss success

  • truly desire to transform and learn how to nourish yourself in a way that will be life changing and create a lifestyle with lasting results  

  • are passionate about eating PURE, taking the best care of yourself as if your life and health depends on it and want to be proactive in aging well  

  • aspire to be responsible for your own health and wellbeing and you need help learning how to take this to the next level  

  • love to learn about nutrition and PURE cooking  

  • want to be in a community of like minded wise women who know that being proactive about aging well is the best way to avoid the high cost of medical care and the toxic fall out and scary side effects from using prescription medicine


Then this is the course for you!  

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This A Juice Cleanse & Will I Be Hungry?

You will be given a choice of specific recipes for breakfast, a balance snack and dinner along with specific beverages. All ingredients are selected for their unique and synergistic abilities to create gut health, balance hormones, keep blood sugar balanced and for their ability to aid in weight loss. Most people report that after the first 2 or 3 days they no longer feel hunger or cravings. 






What If I Am A Vegan Or What If I Follow A Keto Plan?

No one diet plan works for everyone. However, most everyone needs to add more nutrient-dense, enzyme-rich foods into their daily regime. No matter if you are vegan, paleo or keto this plan can be adapted to your needs.



If you would like to see the shopping list of ingredients before you sign up just simply request that in an email. I want to make sure this is the right program for you





Is This Course Hosted On Facebook?

No, it is hosted on my private site where every member requires registration and log in membership to enter.





Do I Have To Be On Facebook To Do This Course?

No, not at all. However, you can join the private FB group if you want to be in the loop about general announcements and course-related information. 




How Long Can I Access The Course Material?

The course material is available 24/7 once you are a member.





Will I Have To Spend Time In The Kitchen & Is Everything Made From Scratch?

I teach you step-by-step how to shop, chop and prep. It is best to read through the entire course online and then download the course material, get organized, go shopping & you can batch cook or prep as many of the course recipes as possible the day before you begin. This way you are all ready to go on Day 1 of the Reboot and you will actually not have to spend lots of time in the kitchen for the first several days. The time invested in the kitchen is time invested in your health and weight loss success. If you are looking for quick and minimal, this is not the best program for you. There are no pre-packaged foods. 





What Time Do I Need To Show Up On The Virtual Group Classroom Wall Every Day If I Do The Group Reboot? 

The course is set up so you can go at your own pace and show up on the classroom wall anytime you want to at least once a day.

You have the ability to make comments under each post on the group wall .


A lot of learning takes place on the group classroom wall so be sure to show up every day of the 21 days and participate fully there. This is where you will ask questions, post comments, share insights and recipes. It is a super supportive and encouraging place to hang out!




What If I Am On A Budget And Can't Afford To Eat All Organic?

Most people think their first priority, when buying organic, is with fruits and vegetables. However, the most important foods to buy organic are high-fat content foods such as all animal products, nuts, seeds and oils. This is because chemicals bond to fats. You will get a shopping list of approved foods and you can choose which foods you want to buy according to your budget. Everything is flexible and you can post any questions you have about how to modify recipes according to your budget (in the comment section) and I am happy to help you with this.



What If I Don't  Like Some Of The Ingredients In The Recipes, Like Kale Or I Am A Picky Eater?

 If you would like to see a list of the ingredients on the shopping list before committing to the program please feel free to email me.  The closer you can stick to the ingredients and recipes suggested the better, however everything can be modified, especially if you have any food sensitivities.




Do I Have To Do The Reboot For The Full 21 Days?

The Reboot works best if you can do the full 21 days consequently. However, you can do it any way that works best for you working at your own pace. I suggest you do it for the 21 days and take the pressure off of yourself to have to do it all perfectly. Even if you just read the daily lesson going one day at a time and just implement a few things, that is great. The main thing is keep taking steps forward. This is an ongoing learning process. There is no rush or competition. It is set up for you to work self-paced so it may take you much longer to get through the 21 Day lesson plan. Whatever works best for you.


Why Rest & Regenerate Reboot?


When you experience an injury, are exposed to toxins, or become stressed, a percentage of the many billions of cells in your body end up becoming damaged. 

Rather than perpetuating this damage, these impaired cells will either repair themselves or “end their life.” This intelligent process, known as apoptosis, protects other healthy cells from being affected by the damaged cells.



Damaged cells go senescent to avoid becoming cancerous, but in the process, they can end up spurring on the proliferation of cancer cells.


The Rest & Regenerate Reboot gives you the opportunity to practice a deeper level of intermittent fasting. 


The combination of training your body to do longer fasts (resting) through a precise step by step pacing process, along with learning to cook powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative foods (designed to target senescent cells) can create enhanced wellness and weight loss benefits while helping to ease the ageing process. 


Proper nutrition enables new healthy cells to divide and create even more new cells. This initiates the process of organ regeneration and energy creation. 


When damaged and excess cells appear they are like weeds in your inner eco-system and have to be removed or else they get in the way and cause problems. 


  • Doing The 21-day Rest & Regenerate Intermittent Fasting & Anti-Inflammation Reboot gives your body the chance to hit the reset button, to renew, refresh, and revitalize.


  • The 21-day R & R Reboot teaches you step by step how to rest through intermittent fasting and regenerate with the help of eating delicious anti-inflammation, restorative foods. 



  • During the 21 days, you will learn to deepen your intermittent fasting process and work into a regime of 2 meals a day, culminating with the optional opportunity to do a 24 hour fast. 



  • This delightful, PURE Healthy Way to do intermittent fasting along with learning to cook for wellness and weight loss, gives you life long skills to incorporate into your ongoing Pure Healthy Way lifestyle. 



  • During The 21 Day R & R Reboot, whether you are fasting or feasting yourself well, you will be nourishing yourself on multiple levels.



  • If you love to learn about nutrition, cook healthy and PURE, & enjoy growing in a supportive community with others who share this passion as well,  then The Rest & Regenerate Reboot Membership is perfect for you. Have you ever been cooking out of a cookbook and wished you could ask the author/chef some specifics? Well,  now you can.

You don't have to go it alone... taking the hard and long path towards success.

My 100% Money Back Guarantee...

I believe so strongly in The Rest & Regenerate Program and ongoing membership benefits and the potential it has to transform your wellness and weight loss concerns that I AM TAKING ALL OF THE RISK. 


Look through the entire course, complete one week of the Reboot as outlined in the Daily Regime Overview, and if after 14 days of purchase, you are not completely satisfied, email me and I will refund all of your money. No hassles, no hard feelings. That's my promise.

You can have a proven method with the help of a professional coach to create a Personal Strategy plan that is specific to your health and weight loss intentions and ongoing PURE Healthy Way sustainable lifestyle.



You can either work your way through the course self-paced jumping in whenever you want to and according to your schedule or you can join a group 21 day coaching Reboot when they are offered a couple times a year.

Either way you get my coaching support when you are doing the 21 Day Reboot by getting to ask questions in the comment section on the day you are on.



Prior to creating this Membership Program the only way you could receive this much information and personal coaching support was to join my advanced coaching program valued at $997 per month. 


I've distilled everything you need to know to have an ongoing PURE Healthy Way Lifestyle including a 21 Day Reboot that you can repeat throughout the year (ongoing) to support your liver health, build up gut and immune health, balance hormones and blood sugar, help you to lose unwanted stuck, slow to go and belly fat weight, keep it off and practice all the most important elements to age gracefully well.


You don't have to pay $997



You don't have to pay $797



You don't have to pay $500 (industry retail rate)


Normally $397 on sale now...Just until Feb. 20


You can join today for a limited time... 

Get the one-time membership special offer                                      for just $197
















You can keep burning through time and energy with little-to-no results to show for it.


Or you can have a proven program and ongoing method to create a PURE Healthy Way lifestyle to achieve transforming your relationship and results with food forever.


The choice is yours.


Just click the button below to take the next step.


I hope to see you inside the course ;-) .




Robyn Randolph

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