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Results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. As with all health and fitness programs, consult with your healthcare professional before starting this or any other cleanse to make sure this is right for you. 

Intermittent Fasting (IF) is not for everyone so pace yourself and eat when you need to


Don’t try intermittent fasting if: 

  • you are pregnant 

  • you have a history of disordered eating 

  • you are chronically stressed 

  • you have diabetes 


4 HOMEWORK Steps To Get You Started Right Away:

STEP 1. Begin watching the video at the top of this page.  

STEP 2. Get a notebook for this course and please download the Royal Flush Reboot Files

STEP 3. Watch the video directly below this that I mentioned in the video above regarding How To Write Your intention Statement. This is a coaching video (from my 21-day course PURE FAST & LISTEN) that you might find helpful.  

STEP 4. Get out your calendar and circle the day you will be starting your Reboot.  

  • Give yourself plenty of time to go through the course material, to shop and to prep.  

  • Use the day before you begin your Reboot as your prepping day.  

  • Look over the shopping list and get familiar with the recipes and figure out what ingredients you need to purchase to stock your pantry.  

  • Make your list and shop as close to prepping day as possible so your ingredients will be fresh.




2. Please be sure to download and files and put in a notebook

3. Watch the video directly below about Intentions and then write your intention statement.

4. Mark your calendar for Day 1 of The Reboot and plan when you will shop and when you will prep ahead to get ready for day 1.  


Watch The Video Below About Intentions...