Overview Of The PURE 10
Love Your Liver Course

Day 1  - Love Your Live  Part 1 - Tactics To Improve Bile Flow; Clarity/Focus On Your Wellness & Weight Loss Intentions; Learning About The Detoxification and Regeneration Process


Day 2 - Love Your Liver Parts 2 & 3,  Sludgy Bile & Meal Prep Ideas


Day 3 - Intermittent Fasting Benefits & Mistakes, Balancing Hormones Naturally Using Food As Medicine, Leptin’s Role In Autoimmune & Weight Loss


Day 4 - Food As Medicine, Recovering From Diet Abuse Thinking, How Intermittent Fasting Helps You Lose Weight & Starving The Bad Gut Bacteria


Day 5 - Playing With Your Food, Understanding Your Barriers To Achieving Your Intentions


Day 6 - The Mind/Body Connection, Prebiotics, Food As Medicine/ Celery Juice & Radishes, Making Conscious Choices


Day 7 - Barriers Part 2, Truth Bombs: #1 - The Truth About Fat & Healing, #2 Why Avoid Fat On This Cleanse  #3 Why No Salt On This Cleanse #4 Why Gluten Is Such A Troublemaker #5 Your Livers Favorite Fuel #6 Five Varieties Of Sluggish Liver


Day 8 - Overcoming Your Past Barriers & Steps To Creating Your New Possibility, Vitamin C In Celery For Auto-Immune, Powerful Foods, Herbs Supplements For Your Liver, Nourishment For Your Liver, Enzymes, & Beginning To Create Your Exit Strategy


Day 9 - The Starch Solution, Healing With Starch, Starch Is the Key Ingredient, Starches Generate Fitness, Excess Starch Does Not Turn To Body Fat, Starches Help Us Radiate Vitality, The Path To Detoxification Is Paved With Starch


Day 10 - Completion Day, What Is Your Exit Strategy? Assessments & Intentions For Your Next Steps




Bonus 1:

Pre Cleanse - Step By Step - Prepping For Pure 10 Includes:


  • 4 days of additional coaching support before the 10 day cleanse to assist you in getting well prepped 

  • 7 Steps To Getting Organized & Prepped checklist* 

  • It all begins in your mind / Creating Your Intention

  • Head To Toe Inventory

  • Choosing beginning, intermediate or advanced level

  • Menu Planning Stack

  • Shopping List Form

  • Simplified Shopping List For Basics Done For You

  • Prepping From Scratch

  • Celery Juice prep including juicer (and/ or barley grass)

  • Getting familiar with The PURE 10 Daily Overview

  • Creating your PURE Healthy Way Personal Strategy Notebook


Bonus 2:

24/7 ongoing Video Library for exclusive members-only access for nutrition education, tips, and recipe demonstrations videos


Bonus 3:

Private Virtual Classroom For Group Coaching Not on FB


Bonus 4:

Personalized one-on-one coaching in real-time at affordable group rates


Bonus 5:

Over 60 Super Naturally PURE core cleanse recipes to choose from, all created to be synergistic and specific for getting sludgy bile to move and for restoration of the liver. Especially designed using food as medicine for fatty liver, stuck weight, autoimmune and inflammation issues.


Bonus 6:

Additional sauce, condiment, and dessert recipes for your ongoing PURE Healthy Way lifestyle for after the cleanse.

What Coaching Clients & Graduates Say

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Kerri, Medford, Oregon

" I'm LOVING the food! Your food is ALWAYS delicious art! My husband devoured the rest of my Bitter Greens Salad last night. He is loving it too, even though he balks at this kind of eating, haha... You are a hit! I wish you were my personal chef, but this is the next best thing. Plus making food is fun when it's like this!"