The Weaving

Somewhere between their first encounter and who she became after she realized his betrayals were for sport, she began morphing into who she was meant to be. She was starting to love the way the threads were coming together in the weaving of her faith-filled life.


She found comfort in the depth of scripture as the living word became manifest in her circumstances.


They say people don’t change…Well, something happened to make her a people pleaser; she wasn’t meant to stay that way forever. 


Even if the healing and transformation of her soul were not palpable for the masses, she was still used to encourage others along the way. And for those on the less-traveled path, who read her story, there was comfort and healing as her processing evoked theirs.


For such a long time her story mattered, for her identity and struggle to find peace. She wrestled with what she wanted it to be, and how to lay it down and let it be.


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